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SLP527 Has Business Been Exploiting Labour since 1971? with Gene Epstein

Many Bitcoiners have seen or shared around the images that show Labour Compensation (wages and other benefits) diverging from Labour Productivity since 1971, particularly from sites such as Rejoining me today is Gene Epstein to break down why this chart is flawed! We also talk about broader issues around CPI, whether inflation is over or undercounted, and cost of living pressures that so many people are facing today. The conclusions will surprise you!

SLP525 Bitcoin’s Blocksize Scarcity with Bob Burnett of Barefoot Mining

In a conversation with Bob Burnett, CEO of Barefoot Mining, we discussed the issue of blockspace scarcity in Bitcoin transactions. Sending a Bitcoin transaction requires blockspace, which is limited. We explored various solutions to address this scarcity, including UTXO management and different types of miners.

SLP524 Natalism and Bitcoiners with Malcolm Collins

Is there a demographic collapse coming? What could or should be done about it? Is there any connection with Bitcoiner culture? Malcolm Collins has a background in VC and Private Equity, and he is a co-founder of The Pronatalist Foundation.

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