Here is the show notes page for my interview with Vijay Boyapati. In this episode with Vijay Boyapati, we discuss the economics and cycles of Bitcoin. Most interesting is the concept that over time, more and more people are being ‘mentally captured’ by Bitcoin. Some other points discussed:

  • Bitcoin progressing through stages: Collectible, Store of Value, Medium of Exchange, Unit of Account
  • Hype cycles of bitcoin
  • Some recent debate on HODL’ing as freeriding
  • Confidence in Bitcoin strengthens over time
  • Remarks on where some Austrian economists miss the big picture on Bitcoin

Podcast links:

Vijay’s links below:

  • Twitter: @real_vijay – Vijay shares a lot of great thoughts and twitter threads, he is well worth following
  • “The Bullish Case for Bitcoin” – I believe this article is one of the best ‘single article’ arguments for Bitcoin as sound money

Some interesting tweets and tweet threads by Vijay:

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