SLP518 Broken Money with Lyn Alden

In this podcast episode, Lyn Alden, a macro analyst, talks about her new book “Broken Money” and shares her ideas on different theories of money, control of ledger money, speed of transaction vs settlement, warfare funding under fiat, base money and broad money, GFC and its response, fiat standard incentives, and the type of debt that makes sense under a Bitcoin standard.

SLP517 Bitcoin Merchant Adoption: This Time is Different? with Will Cole

Will Cole from Zaprite discusses several topics related to the adoption of their platform by merchants. These include improved custody, how Zaprite works, accounting and integration, and how adoption will be driven this time. Additionally, they touch on the concept of a circular economy.

SLP516 Why You Should Have Zero Debt to Avoid Enslavement with Jimmy Song

Do you have debt? Are you wondering about the case for why you shouldn’t? Check out this episode with my friend and Bitcoin developer and advocate, Jimmy Song. We talk about his newest book, Fiat Ruins Everything: 

SLP513 Next Generation Lightning with Phoenix – Bastien Teinturier

The next generation of Bitcoin Lightning wallets is here with Phoenix from ACINQ. Rejoining me is CTO of ACINQ, Bastien Teinturier to talk about how the team is innovating a great self custodial experience for bitcoin and lightning users.