SLP23 – Economic Eras of Bitcoin, and Lightning Development, with Rusty Russell of Blockstream


Rusty Russell, a well known and respected Bitcoin Lightning developer at Blockstream  joins me in this episode. We talk about his article, The Three Economic Eras of Bitcoin, and discuss the Lightning Network for Bitcoin. Lastly, Rusty draws from his prior experience as a Linux kernel developer to contrast Linux development with Bitcoin and Lightning development practices and culture.

Specific topics include:

  • The economic phases Bitcoin will go through
  • Fee estimation
  • The coming Bitcoin Civil War and how it may be fought in a similar fashion to the earlier Segwit2X debate
  • Background on Lightning Network (great intro for newbies on Bitcoin’s Lightning Network)
  • C-Lightning, the Blockstream Lightning software
  • Coming changes to the Lightning spec e.g. splicing, fee estimation, AMP, eltoo
  • Rusty’s thoughts on Lightning Network Reference Rate
  • Linux development culture similarities and differences with Bitcoin & Lightning development culture

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SLP22 – Unnecessary crypto-tokens and Bitcoin/Lightning development, with Udi Wertheimer

Udi Wertheimer 🔨 [#reckless]

Udi Wertheimer (Bitcoin software developer) joins me to discuss the use of unnecessary crypto-tokens, why some people do it, the use of non-crypto tokens in gaming, unnecessary blockchains, #reckless lightning development, and what he is looking forward to in Bitcoin and Lightning.

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SLP21 – Jimmy Song, Bitcoin Educator, Developer and Entrepreneur

Jimmy Song

Jimmy Song (Bitcoin Educator, Developer, and Entrepreneur) joins me in this episode to discuss his recent debate with Roger Ver, and in the second half we also discuss Blockchain skepticism. We separate the signal from the noise on ‘enterprise blockchain’ technology by discussing the true costs and difficulties involved, and discuss alternatives to ‘enterprise blockchain’.

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Sealion meme


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SLP20 – Samson Mow, CSO of Blockstream

Samson Mow

Samson Mow, CSO of Blockstream (leading provider of blockchain technologies) joins me in this episode to discuss a variety of topics:

  • Bitmain IPO and mining centralisation
  • Errors of cryptocurrency ‘diversification’
  • When it makes sense to use a blockchain, when it doesn’t
  • Why Blockstream builds mostly on bitcoin
  • Blockstream products Cryptocurrency Data feed, and Liquid network
  • Privacy
  • Bitcoin Fee Market
  • Samson’s Hat sales and blog

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SLP19 – The Bitcoin Ecosystem, with Vortex (Jeffrey)

Vortex [Still Not Giving Away ETH]

Vortex (Jeffrey), a software developer and well known bitcoin YouTuber and broadcaster joins me in this episode to talk about the Bitcoin ecosystem. This interview is targeted for newbies to bitcoin, to help them understand the key components of the Bitcoin ecosystem. We also discuss: the Cryptocast network, the role of nodes in Bitcoin, Bitcoin development, his course Programming with Bitcoin, Fintech vs FinUI, and his outlook for the future.

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SLP18 – Pioneering Bitcoin/Lightning Payments in Australia, with Daniel Alexiuc (CEO Living Room of Satoshi)

Daniel Alexiuc

Daniel Alexiuc (CEO of Living Room of Satoshi) joins me in this episode to discuss how he is pioneering Bitcoin and Lightning Network payments in Australia, both on his website LROS, and also as a partner with Travel By Bit. We discuss: his viral video making one of the world’s first Lightning Network payments buying a coffee in a real cafe in Brisbane airport (May 2018), why blockchains aren’t a good payment system, use of both C-Lightning by Blockstream and Lnd by Lightning Labs, crypto payment volumes increasing, use of BTCpay, and outlook for the future.

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