Fernando Ulrich is a Brazilian economist, trained in the Austrian school of economic thought. He is a board member of Mises Institute Brazil, and co-host of the Crypto Voices podcast. In this episode, we talk through emerging market currency crises, and his new 5 part article series on Bitcoin as Ultimate Asset.

  • Challenges faced when living through currency crises
  • Why it’s senseless to spend Bitcoin now
  • Contrasting Carl Menger’s view of money with Nick Szabo’s view
  • The Medium of Exchange vs Method of Payment concept
  • Importance of soundness, resiliency and predictability in money (and bitcoin’s protocol rules)
  • The fallacies of “Medium of Exchange” only cryptocurrencies
  • Bitcoin as Ultimate Asset

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  1. It’s frustrating that you don’t respond to anything the guest says. After the guest speaks you say, “yea.. yea.. sure… right… interesting..” then simply ask the next question on your list. A good host actually engages with his guest, expands on the responses, challneges them. Have an actual discussion. It’s clear you just have a list of questions and you’re not even paying attention to what the guest says.

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