One of the pseudonymous founders of Samourai Wallet joins me in this exciting episode to talk about Bitcoin privacy techniques that are applied within the wallet and upcoming improvements to their Bitcoin wallet app. Anyone interested to learn more about how Samourai Wallet helps protect privacy will truly enjoy this episode.

We discuss:

  • The mission statement of Samourai Wallet
  • Taking a hardline stance on privacy and removing fiat references from the wallet
  • How Samourai Wallet helps to maintain privacy by default
  • PayNyms
  • Coin Selection and Coin Control in the wallet
  • Stonewall – transactions that look like a CoinJoin
  • Boltzmann – analyzing transactions to identify how private they are
  • Ricochet – premium feature adding 4 intermediate hops, protecting users from blockchain spies
  • Whirlpool & Stowaway – a coming enhancement intended for ‘post-mix’ transactions
  • Trusted Node – and the newly announced feature, ‘Dojo’ trusted node
  • MuleTools and the GoTenna collaboration – TxTenna
  • How users can support Samourai Wallet


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